Courtesy Peter (Tojo) Frampton

The Frampton Story, Africa, Early days, Far East, Germany, Middle East, Tojo Slides

Peter Frampton who carried a camera wherever he went and finished his service as SSM of 84 Survey Squadron RE.
He has very kindly given his permission to show his photos..
The period covered is 1941 to 1966.

Peter acknowledges contributions from the following amongst his presentation.
Brian Beale, Bic Bickers, Margaret Broadway, Ron Dawson, Tojo Frampton, Conk Garnett, Ian Kelaher, Don McFarlane,
Ivy Pinkney, Taff Richards,  Dusty Saunders, George Sinclair, Alan Skeets, Alan Tickner, Tommy Thomas, Owen Williams & George Wood.
Memories from Ricky Braybrooke

1. Pick up Parachutes at Newbury Racecourse
Saturday 22nd July 1955

Top to bottom: Sprs Powell, Arter, Holloway, Eagle, Trott and Webb, from 4 Troop B Squadron.
This was a TA regiment from London who were going to attack the defences of Greenham Common American airbase.
Not one parachute was lost, despite the efforts of some of the locals.

Courtesy Tony Webb

1. Eagle Air Viking Trooper Courtesy Hughman 2. FARELF Flash 3. Printing Press Silver Centre Piece    

Railway Station

1. One evening in the early 60's a few of us decided to take the train into Newbury instead of the bus. A gleaming loco arrived, and someone, probably the porter, told us that it was The City Of Truro, and had been brought out of retirement from York Railway Museum. Didn't mean much to me at the time but this is often mentioned now when rail programmes are on TV Courtesy Mick Perry 2. YES it is the Pre - Beaching Railway station of Hermitage....... my son bought it (the photo) and scanned it for your delectation!!!! Courtesy Mick Perry      

Exercise Sky High 1978 - Courtesy Alan Gordon

Ex Sky High Courtesy Alan Gordon        

In the autumn of 1978 Air Svy Troop went on an adventurous training exercise in the north west of Scotland designed to get them out of Block 101 and into some fresh air – very, very fresh as it turned out!

The main party travelled by train taking the sleeper from Kings Cross to Inverness and then on the incredibly scenic route across the Highlands to the Kyle of Loch Alsh where we met up with the road party. The sleeping compartments had been booked in the name of '19 Topo Sqn' but some railway wag labelled the compartments '19 O'Bottom Sqn'…probably ex RCT, no wonder the trains never ran on time!

Our accommodation was a couple of huts at Balmacara, a few miles south of the Kyle, which were okay if somewhat austere – still – we came from the huts of Barton Stacey so no change then!

4. Setting off to Glenelg – Tony Giannotti, Tiny Crossland, Taff Owen, Tony Higgs, Tony Harder (why so many Tonys?).

5. Catch of the day – Tony Giannotti, Bob Hughes, Alan Gordon, Derek Ireson, Taff Owen.

1. The accommodation huts at Balmacara.

Part of the deal for the use of the huts was that we were to do a number of days work for the National Trust of Scotland. This took the form of clearing culverts and ditches on tracks way up in the hills and, whilst it was hard work (and a million miles from pushing a dot), it was quite satisfying. It was during this phase of the exercise that the Regimental 2i/c, Dick Ellis, visited for a couple of hours having made the day-long trip north before almost immediately heading back south again.

I can only remember three of the ‘adventurous' pursuits. We were taken by 3-tonner to the palindromic hamlet of Glenelg where we visited the famous brochs and then started to walk back to Balamacara up over the high ridgeline. However, the farther we walked the stronger grew the wind until near the crest it was blowing a full Scottish gale and so we took the easy option of finishing the downhill bit in the truck. On returning to the camp we found our cook desperately hanging on to the window frame in the main room which had blown inwards in the gale.

6. Jock Stockley (SQMS), Tiny Crossland, Tony Harder coming down from the Falls of Glomach.

2. Cook Viewing Potential Fresh Meat.

Our second walk was a 20-mile circular one that involved a 2500ft ascent taking us to the Falls of Glomach, Britain's second highest waterfall. On the last leg Brian Higgins fell ill and collapsed with breathing difficulties. We managed to get the Land Rover to him and whisked him off to the local GP who diagnosed a severe chest infection to be treated by antibiotics and a week's rest in the local guest house where the landlady cosseted ‘ the poor wee lad ' with magnificent home cooking.

The final highlight was a day on the Royal Navy tender that looked after the Sound of Raasay submarine training range – recently famous for the grounding of HMS Asute , the Navy's latest very high tech submarine. The civilian crew said that they augmented their ‘meagre' pay by fishing for mackerel which were incredibly plentiful and they happily lent us their fishing tackle. However, the sum total of the Troop's catch was six small fish so unlike Higgins – we soldiered on with compo that night.

7. The Troop with ‘PVR Now' seeming to be the spirit of the times.

3. Dick Ellis, Regiment 2i/c, watching ditch maintenance.

Most evenings we went to the bar of the Balmacara Hotel and ‘relaxed' allowing us to get to know our new troop commander, Alan Milne, and likewise, for him to get to know us – warts and all!

In all, Ex Skye High was fairly typical of adventurous training exercises during the Seventies and Eighties – not too adventurous but generally good fun away from Barton Stacey.


With Mick Paskin


I started off at Chepstow in 1976, trained as a Field Survey Tech, and left after reaching the dizzying heights of WO2 in 2000. I have been "Facebooking" some photos, these being amongst them. To most people I'm known as Mick (rather than Mike) Paskin.

Incidentally I work for the same offshore company as Mick Guise, though haven't seen him in a while. I am offshore on a heavy lift barge at present, so as "survey" is for once relatively unemployed am making the most of a pretty poor e-mail.
Hoping these are suitable!

Ex High Trig was a series of overseas assistance type jobs in Nepal, by 19 Sqn.

The Sennelager photo was pre-Op Banner (NI) training, a troop from 14 Topo and a troop from 10 Field Sqn made up numbers for "T" Bty (Shah Sujah's Troop) 12 Air Defence Regt RA.
(Sha Sujah was of course the man (puppet) given the job by the Brits to run Afghanistan, and funnily enoughcame to a bad end! How times change......)

The other photo is annotated Gulf War medals 1991, personnel from all over 42 Gp as it was then.

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