Alf Thompson

It is always sad to know of the passing of a former friend and 'Tommy' Thompson was  all that to me. I first met him in 1961 when he attended a Trig course at SMS, some very wild nights followed aided and abetted by Alan McVeagh,   Eric Davey and Mike Pooley. Tommy turned up again in 1963. When I enjoyed an occassional weekend off we went out for a
drink. He was the first mess member to invite me into the bar. I recall feeling very uneasy to be accorded such a privilege.

I was not to meet up with Tommy again until 1976. Living in Christchurch, Dorset, married and the father of three little ones we all went shopping in Boscombe. Tommy approached our family group.
"Mike"? he beamed with a smile. It was a wonderful moment. When ever he was in the area with his work he would come and stay with us. Those were precious moments. Alas they did not last and we lost touch. I have some wonderful memories of Tommy, especially the friendship he extended to me, my life all the more richer for knowing him........................Mike Chaplin
1. Myself, Mike Pooley, Alan McVeagh, Tommy - Sgts Mess Summer
Ball barmen, 1961 Courtesy Mike Chaplin
2. Eric Davey, Alan McVeagh, 'Tommy' Thompson - 1961 SMS Courtesy Mike Chaplin 3. 'Tommy', washroom sgts mess, SMS, 1963 Courtesy Mike Chaplin