135 Fld Svy Sqn

1. 2. Annual Camp 1950 - Command Group - Mike Nolan 3. This  is a photo taken in 1957 of HQ Group 135 Survey Engineer
Regt. (T.A.) Ewell.

This is again provided by John Bickers (front row - 1st left)
RSM WO1 Richardson (front row - 2nd left)
CO Col Taylor - (front row - Centre) - Later DG OS Northern Ireland
Sgt Michael Sutcliffe (second row - centre)
Sgt Peters (2nd right from Mick Sutcliffe)

5. A Company, 337 Topo Squadron, 125 Survey Engineer Regiment.
Summer Camp. Chickerell, Weymouth, Dorset - 1952. - John Burford Baines

6. BAOR Ex. 135 Field Survey Squadron RE(V)

The field kitchen BAOR exercise 1970
Inside Ray Hodgeson SSM(V)
Chatting SSgt A Smith RE, SSgt N Hardisty RE(V) & Cpl ?
In the foreground a No1 Burner & 2 Hay boxes. - Arnold Smith

7. These two photograph's show the Drawing Office semi-trailer, which was unique to 135 and an AEC prime mover, being crane lifted onto a ship at Portsmouth harbour. It is 1975 and 135 were preparing to move the complete unit to Guernsey for there annual camp. If my memory serves me correctly there was no roll on-roll off ferry which could take vehicles of this size. The shipment there and back was a complete success. - Frank Johnstone
9. Photo 2

1. 339 Sqn at annual camp - Weymouth 1959, paret of 135.

Spr Harwood, Sgt R Hodgson, Spr J Collins, Sgt G Shirley, Sgt A Lyons, Sgt C Phillips, Major J Quinny, O 11 K Garnet



135 Regt Mobiles on LST 1965 - Mike Nolan

1. Helio Mobile Coming off LST 'Aachen' 2. Helio Mobile Coming off LST 'Aachen' 4. LST 'Aache'n about to land 5. Mobiles on LST 'Aachen'
6. Personnel Coming Off LST 'Aachen' 7. WW2 Train Vehicle Coming off LST 'Aachen' 9. WW2 Train Vehicle Coming off LST 'Aachen'