47 Squadron

1. 47 HQ Svy Sqn May 1962 - Courtesy Birch 2. 47 HQ Svy Sqn May 1962 less hats - Courtesy Birch 3. 47 Squadron 1967 - Courtesy Alan Gordon 4. Brig Busk Inspecting 47 Sqn 1967 - Album
5. Capt APJ Savage REports 47 SQn Ready for Amalgamation 16 Mar 1972 - Album 6 Carto Sqn Mid 1967 OC J Henshaw 7 47 Squadron 1972

8. 47 Carto Squadron,
42 Survey Engineer Regiment, Barton Stacey (1973 Approx)
Some names: Nigel Mair, Tom Lillicrap, Taff Yeo, Mick Ward, Taff Hemming, Mark Maunder, Dave Mead, Bev Hill, Mick Keeble, Brian Hurley. Courtesy Bev Hill

47 Carto Sapper article

47 Carto Sqn, Ex Carto Norge 1968. Sgt C R Price, Producing a Photo Identification Report and Annotation of a Trig point East of Mjolfell Camp. The photo was by Cpl G Eddy, and it appeared on the cover of SAPPER magazine of Nov 1968


47 GHQ Survey Squadron RE & Survey Directorate - Nick Carter

10. The "Big House"in the early days.
(Nick Carter's car bottom right)
Comment from Nick---"to the best of my recollection was established in the new buildings when I joined them. We moved to the Nissan huts at Western Area shortly before I came home in September 1957. Ken Garnett was SSM at that time".
11. Ken Garnett SSM 47 GHQ Survey Squadron RE outside the compound  at Episcopi. 9. Christmas 1956.
Left to right: Lt. Col. "Mac" Pritchard, Maj George MacKay RE- OC 1 RASLS., ???, Lt. Col. Freddie Barr, D. Mil Svy Col Gardiner and a civilian member of the map library.

47 Sqn - Cyprus - Eddie Rose

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