1. JARIC 1970 - Literick 2. JARIC 1971 - Literick

3 JARIC Staff 1972 - Siddell



Computer Services Wing 1979?

This photo of either the last of or the first of the new type of set-up that eventually became the modern day Geographics. The unit at JARIC was the last I think commanded by a Major RE Survey and then we became a
'Computer Services Wing' commanded by a Wing Commander RAF. 

Perhaps someone with a better memory than myself can give us the names. It was taken about 1979. 

4. Back row: ? Webster, Pete Norris, Willy Wybourne, ? Jones, Martin Byrne, Frank Cargill, Dave Morris, Satch Kennedy
Middle row: Taff Hemming, Pat Pearson, Pete Redfern, ????, Bruce Oxley, Pete Smith
Front row: Dai Marchant, OC, Mick Browning.

Courtesy Dai Marchant

5 JARIC - Nolan

Military only
Rear:  Webster  Pete Norris  Willy Whyborn  Jones  ?  ?  Dave Morris  Satch Kennedy (probably)
Middle:  Taff Hemming  Pat Pearson  Pete Redfern ?  Bruce Oxley  Pete Smith
Front  Dai Marchant  Mike Neale  Mick Browning (commissioned into Int Corps from WO1 RE)